Stuck in the Middle

Perhaps this is you…’stuck’ in the middle of something you aren’t quite sure how to handle.  Something that started small, very small, and is turning out to become something big, very big.  However, you realize that ‘stuck’ is a term with a negative connotation…not good.

Ok then, toss ‘stuck’ and replace with enthralled because this is where we are.  Enthralled.  Enthralled in our passion to make a difference for our furry friends, the animals we love, our pets, and all of the pets we seek to help.

We are a grass roots organization with a true heart.  One that is being built on our desire for greatness in the lives of individual animals, some big and some small.  Those who know nothing else but unconditional dedication for those who will reciprocate.

There is no ‘stuck’ with something that you love to do.  We are enthralled.  Inspired by Spoofy, we are SpoofDawg, and we are SpoofDawg to the Rescue!






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