Run on the 4th of July
The following is a special post from my dawg pal, Piper.  Although past due, it’s message is no less important.
piper cropped
Guns go boom and I’m on point,
Big AWEsome’s on the way!
Hunting’s what I’m born to do,
I dream of this all day!

But once a year I get confused,
I don’t see any game.
The thunder gets to be too big,
The smells are not the same.

Hissing, spitting snakes I hear,
“Avoid them,” I am trained.
Lightning flashes in the sky,
It seems there’s fire in the rain!

I want to hide, I need to flee,
I wish it would all stop!
If I could break out I sure would,
it’s all OVER THE TOP!

I have so many tragic friends
with stories they could tell.
If only they’d survived to sing
about their runs pell-mell…

For all of you two-legged folks,
please think of US today.
Please keep us safe, secure at home
with tags.  Tell neighbors “Nae”.

Please keep your fun a bit more tame.
Don’t make us stay alone.
Please tag and collar me and mine
so we can return home.

For dogs and cats this is the night
when shelters overflow.
Please help there be just one less lost,
when fireworks you forego.

1 thought on “Run on the 4th of July

  1. So true. We sit on our bed with all our rescue dogs so they can snuggle all at one time. Unfortunately, in Costa Mesa people go crazy with the illegal fireworks so it is just horrible for the dogs. q

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