Beat the Heat with a Frozen Treat!

From my dawg pal, Piper, who is apparently a Super dawg chef!  These treats sound OH SO YUMMY!  Read on…
piper cropped



Does everyone love PUPsicles as much as I DO?! Here are some of my FAVs….and please send me YOURs so I can have MOREs! WHOOF!!

Frozen Yogurt Pumpkin Pops – Plain Fat-Free yogurt mixed with equal parts plain organic pumpkin (canned or fresh, just not the pie filling stuff). Roll into small balls or use an ice cube tray appropriately sized for your dog. Freeze and EAT! BTW, a dash of cinnamon is always welcome!

Ziwi Peak Meat Pops – Ziwi Peak canned dog food (my personal FAV, but any canned food will do), rolled into small balls and frozen, then zip-bagged for fast distribution.

Peanut Butter Balls – Peanut butter, rolled into balls, frozen then fed.

Frozen organic blueberries – no work here. Just freeze and eat!

A caution about frozen treats.  Frozen treats can be a really neat way to help us 4-leggers stay cool on a hot summer day. But don’t make them so big we break our teeth on them, or risk choking on them. “Less is Best” may be a good motto to follow here. My mama uses ice cube trays to freeze them but they are not ice-cube sized. I am a svelte 37 pounds, Thank-You-Very-Much, and my treats are sized at a half-inch diameter or less.  Yippee!! MORE FOR ME!!






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