Bailyn and Bro

From a couple of my SpoofDawg pooch pals…


This is me and my brother Bailyn cuddling with our mom on Saturday night. While I sat there happy and content, and feeling rather lucky, I started thinking of all the poor animals that have lost their homes and are now separated from their humans.  It made me sad and blue. We decided we needed our Mom to take some action and help all the animals that are suffering and the many folks that are reaching out to help them. Would you believe she got up this morning and went out foraging with her SpoofDawg Friends?  Look what they came back with! I would say they had a great day! Seeing how much stuff other humans brought my mom and her team to help the other animals make me wag my happy tail.
Sloppy dog kisses to all who helped. 🐾

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