25 Tons

My pooch pal Piper sent this to me…SO important!

Riddle me this: “What do you call 25 TONS of alfalfa hay?”

Answer: “A Life Saver” in need of transport to the 4-legged victims of our SoCal fires!

SpoofDawg to the Rescue has secured 25 tons of alfalfa hay donated by the farm growers in El Centro, and there is more where that came from. A LOT more. But the need for transportation and delivery requires additional funds. In addition to the hay, dog and cat food and supplies are being sent to rescue partners in both the SoCal and NoCal fire areas. Again, there is a need for additional funds for transport. There are many ways to help during emergencies, and many places to donate with. To be a part of the fire relief to get these needed supplies to those in desperate need, use the link below to donate.


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