Give Some Thanks

Love from my pooch pal, Piper…


Today I’m bound to give some thanks.

I hope to steal a turkey shank,

or maybe scam a leg of lamb

as I’ve been known to do!


Perhaps I’ll gulp a sausage whole,

or find myself some ham to go.

I’d love to eat some chicken feet,

but I won’t share with you!!


These Big-Food days are so much fun,

I’ll likely miss my morning run,

but when I score food off the floor

it tastes as good as new!!!


But please take care with what I get;

don’t need a visit to the vet!

I say to you, it’s sad but true,

I shouldn’t eat your food.


Most seasonings I shouldn’t eat,

those high fat things should be delete.

And all those bones I’ll leave alone;

forget fake sweeteners too.


So many items on the list

of people foods that I should miss.

So take good care and be aware

and I’ll say “Thanks” to YOU!


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