Pet Safety during October / Halloween


black cat safety during Halloween
Cat safety during Halloween

Any occasion where there is a change in home activity (guests, excited children, parties etc.) is an opportunity for a family pet to slip out the gate or front door unnoticed.  Halloween, however, has its own distinct and disturbing issues, so let’s discuss some specifics about this particular day of the year and how it may pertain to our pets.

In the weeks leading up to October 31 reported incidences of missing solid black and solid white cats begin to climb, as do reported findings of deceased solid black and solid white cats. This increase is so apparent that in many areas of the country adoptions and sales of black cats is prohibited during the month of October. Reports by police and animal shelters indicate unmistakable human involvement in the vast majority of these found deceased pets.  And it’s not limited to cats; nor is it limited to the month of October. Particular large dog breeds also factor in increased numbers of missing reports and deceased findings, specifically Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes.  And the pet trolling appears to begin as early as August.  To any animal lover these will be disturbing findings.

So please remember to take all safety precautions to keep your pet safe and secure during the upcoming Halloween season, paying particular attention to the possibilities of pet predation by humans.

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