What a Week!

My dawg pals Bonnie and Clyde just spent the week in Big Bear at Hillcrest Lodge!

Ken and Val, the owners and hosts of Hillcrest Lodge are THE best! They provided an incredible home away from home for us and our two-legged parents at our FAVORITE Big Bear location Hillcrest Lodge! If you and your parent peeps are planning a trip to Big Bear, make sure you stay at Hillcrest Lodge. These folks not only LOVE canines, they also generously donate a weekend stay to SpoofDawg to the Rescue Quartermania events! Their next donation will be highlighted at the Golden Retriever Rescue/SpoofDawg Quartermania event coming up in February 2019! Keep your eyes peeled for this incredible event and make sure you book your upcoming stay in Big Bear at Hillcrest Lodge’s awesome pet friendly location!  Tell them Bonnie and Clyde sent you! 🙂


Give Some Thanks

Love from my pooch pal, Piper…


Today I’m bound to give some thanks.

I hope to steal a turkey shank,

or maybe scam a leg of lamb

as I’ve been known to do!


Perhaps I’ll gulp a sausage whole,

or find myself some ham to go.

I’d love to eat some chicken feet,

but I won’t share with you!!


These Big-Food days are so much fun,

I’ll likely miss my morning run,

but when I score food off the floor

it tastes as good as new!!!


But please take care with what I get;

don’t need a visit to the vet!

I say to you, it’s sad but true,

I shouldn’t eat your food.


Most seasonings I shouldn’t eat,

those high fat things should be delete.

And all those bones I’ll leave alone;

forget fake sweeteners too.


So many items on the list

of people foods that I should miss.

So take good care and be aware

and I’ll say “Thanks” to YOU!


SO Many Angels to Thank!

There are many more angels to thank than what is provided in this post.  Please forgive us if your donor and/or support help is not yet mentioned.  Information among our team of volunteers is transferred as quickly as possible, however as a result of being located in multiple locations, and that we are all managing personal vacations, this is what we have so far…

Our new friends Ruff Pack Refuge up north has been helping the Campfire victims and SpoofDawg to the Rescue has stepped up to help RPR!

We acquired hay came from the El Centro based farm community (no one has yet fessed up with who the farmer was that donated), and the recipients were the Woolsey fire victim community. The trucking company that donated two trucks and trailers to ship all the hay was Mat Express.  Check out some pics from this amazing effort!

25 Tons

My pooch pal Piper sent this to me…SO important!

Riddle me this: “What do you call 25 TONS of alfalfa hay?”

Answer: “A Life Saver” in need of transport to the 4-legged victims of our SoCal fires!

SpoofDawg to the Rescue has secured 25 tons of alfalfa hay donated by the farm growers in El Centro, and there is more where that came from. A LOT more. But the need for transportation and delivery requires additional funds. In addition to the hay, dog and cat food and supplies are being sent to rescue partners in both the SoCal and NoCal fire areas. Again, there is a need for additional funds for transport. There are many ways to help during emergencies, and many places to donate with. To be a part of the fire relief to get these needed supplies to those in desperate need, use the link below to donate.