Gotta Grab This One!


If you just read the last post from my Black Dawg pal and liked what you saw…STOP THE PRESS!

You can now purchase, for a limited time the harness that Black Dog is wearing in that awesome pic at a special SpoofDawg discounted rate!  Just make sure you add SPOOFDAWG in the Coupon Code area of your order at to receive the special SpoofDawg rate!  You gotta admit, this accessory is not only fashionable, but an absolute MUST for every dog!


True Confessions from the Big Black Dog

Hot diggity dawg!  Check out this spectacular wearable that helps to keep all of our dawgs and their peeps safe during nighttime walks!…


From the Big Black Dog:

I walk my Mom in the evenings and I am not very visible when its dark so sometimes I frighten people because they don’t realize I am by my mom’s side.  Once, I even startled a lady so bad that she tinkled a bit, oops!

My Mom is always saying she worries about people running us over when we cross the street. so now she makes me work by carrying our light.  Kind of lazy, right?  I should have trained her better, but its too late now.  Dawgs all know you can teach an old Mom new tricks, haha!

So check it out…my new harness is super cool!  I love the way it fits and now everyone can see me walking my Mom from miles away and I no longer catch unsuspecting people off guard.  Even better, Mom no longer worries about not being seen at night.
It is starting to get dark earlier these days, so I thought I would let you all in on my cool nighttime gear so that maybe you can help your peeps stay safe at night too!

You can find your harness at and if you use our code: SPOOFDAWG, your peeps will save some hard-earned cash to buy you more treats!

Piper Cares!

piper croppedPiper is on a roll…

I would like to encourage all my 4-legged-loving-friends to follow this site. You will receive notices as pets are posted missing . All you need to do is SHARE the post. Nothing more than a simple single click can help a missing frightened pet return home to its family. You don’t have to live near the crash area to reach people who do. There’s no obligation, no catch, nothing other than one single click if you want to. THANKS in advance from us 4-leggers who struggle with the click buttons! WHOOF!!