Meet the Canine Kids


Meet Lilly…sweet as can be and just too cute!


Meet Bailyn…cool as a cucumber.


Heeere’s Bubsy!


Hi, my name is Clyde, and I am a Golden Retriever.  I love to run and fetch everything and am the best golden retriever frisbee dog there ever was!  If I am near water, I am swimming.   I live with my littermate sister, Bonnie and we have never been apart!  Camping is my favorite thing to do because I get to be with my parents 24/7!  It’s ALL about me and my sister by the way, and everything else is secondary.  My mom and dad call me the King of Cuddles because cuddling surpasses everything else.  Life is good!


Oh hi!, my name is Bonnie, and I too am a Golden Retriever.  I am the crazy littermate sister of Clyde.  He is bigger than me, but I always get my way, and when it comes to playtime, it’s always my call, not his.  He’s a great brother because he mostly lets me have my way.  Other than that, I am always looking for lizards and will sit very patiently for a LONG period of time waiting for one to come out of hiding.  My mom and dad are great parents and they give us everything we ever need!  Life is good!

piper cropped

Hi! I’m Piper!!  I am an American Brittany Dog and proud of my Red, White, and Blue! Contrary to popular belief, I am called a Brittany Dog not a Brittany Spaniel, since I am a pointing dog more than a flushing dog.  Bet you didn’t know that about spaniels did you?!   So what to say about ME? SO much to tell and so little time…I’m almost four, I live an amazing life and eat raw stuff my folks hunt for me.  I track deer, point birds, mess with squirrels and love trout.  I run like the wind and sleep like the dead.  I rock at Nosework, have my own Facebook page, and love my chiropractor!  I do core strength training, work on my proprioception and I LOVE TO SWIM! I believe a loose leash is overrated and that the word “NO!” is overused.  My color is called Liver Roan, I have been published, and I’m a collar fashionista!  Whoof!! Oh, and sometimes I write rhymes.  Welcome to SpoofDawg!!


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Hello!  My name is Bruiser and I am a Miniature Pincher.  Tiny is for my size only.  In my own head, I am REALLY BIG!  I am an adorable alpha male dawg with undocked ears and gay tail.  Ok I’m 12 years old, but act (and look) much younger.  I am very protective and pseudo-tough, so sometimes I get teased as being the “fun police”.  I have 7 favorite people that I love to cuddle with, and 3 dawg friends.  I love me some pitbull, silky terrier, and bichon frise dawg pals…only three because that’s all I need!  I also live with 2 cats and 2 rabbits.  Notice how snappy my wardrobe is…all of my wardrobe is just that!  Oh yes, I always look stylish!

Meet my mom too, she is a Nationally licensed chiropractor since 1996, and certified in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation since 2001.  So she is certified to practice on both humans and animals!  Her two office locations are located in Huntington Beach and North Orange County and these are a couple slogans she likes to use…”The tiny but mighty chiropractor”, and “I treat the whole family, whether they have two legs, or four.”  Yes, she is quite snappy herself!

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