About Us

SpoofDawg to the Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit charity that bridges the gap between pet supplies and small non-government funded animal rescue organizations in need.

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Through our efforts and donor support, animal rescue organizations in the Southern California area receive food, treats, supplements, collars, leashes, beds, blankets, potty pads, bowls, toys, shampoo, flea meds and other supplies at no cost.

SpoofDawg to the Rescue also provides emergency relief with donated emergency pet food and supplies during disasters such as California wildfires, earthquakes, and Storms.

Past and Present

We began as a small grassroots all-volunteer team in Southern California gathering small donations of pet food and supplies, distributing them to a few local animal rescue groups.  Pet supply stores and distributors such as Kong Toys, Fringe Studio, Nature’s Specialties, Grandma Lucy’s and EarthBreeze took notice and began donating needed items.

Permanent donation bins established at local pet related businesses and our “Fill the Truck” program collect new and gently used items from the communities supporting our mission.
Today we are proud of our accomplishments in our first five years, including donations of food and supplies to more than 90 animal rescue organizations and victims of disasters equaling more than $2.5 Million.  Our hard-working volunteer team has doubled in size.
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Warehouse Volunteers

Building our volunteer and donor base will allow us to expand our reach to rescue organizations outside of our existing area and provide additional programs to aid in the rescue of animals annually and during emergencies.

Our leased industrial space will allow us to accommodate larger quantities and more variations of donated pet supplies, benefiting the organizations who reach out to SpoofDawg to the Rescue for help.

Donors and supporters are stepping up to help SpoofDawg to the Rescue expand our momentous mission.  Stronger together, we can close the gap between lifesaving pet supplies and Rescue organizations that are dedicated to saving hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized annually in county Animal Shelters.
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