New Year’s Eve

IMG_0010image1-3 A message from Bailyn and Lilly…

A88DF5E5-4B71-4C12-A542-657B48D55C47This New Year is gonna be a blast! This what our people do when the New Year comes, but it’s really scary for us. Our mom does some stuff to help us enjoy the New Year and ring it in peacefully. We thought to share some of the things my Mom does for us so that maybe it can help you not be scared of the pretty, sparkly lights.

Happy 2019 🐾

*Have some familiar noises in the house, for example keep the TV on or some music playing, so that it doesn’t appear to be an abnormal situation.
*Close the curtains so that your pets don’t see any of the fireworks because the flashes can scare them.
*Keep outside noise to a minimum by closing all the windows and doors in the house.
*If your cats are outdoor cats that come and go as they please, place a litter tray inside for them and once they are indoors close the cat flap so they don’t go outside again.
*Don’t take your dog to a fireworks display, leave them at home.
*If possible have someone stay in the house with your pets to calm and reassure them.
*If your pet has had previous nervous issues on Independence Day please consult your vet.






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